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It's Not For Everyone.  Limited Number of Participants!

Here's My Plan For Helping
You Get To Fluent

What I'm Doing:

  • We'll be working together virtually online through a series of videos for the next 5 days.

  • My Mission is to get you as close to fluency as we can in the next 5 days.

How I'm Doing It:

  • Every day, we'll meet through a series of videos where I'll show you what to do.

  • We'll be deploying my exact methods from my world famous program.

  • I'll recommend specific activities for you to do daily.

  • I will be on stand-by, ready to help you implement it if you need it.

Why I'm Doing It:

  • The idea is to demonstrate the value of my method by helping you use it to get very fast results.


  • My hope is to get so many people speaking fluently before the month ends and you'll want to keep coaching with me.

You Should Not Enroll If:

  • You are NOT at least speaking at level B1.

  • You do NOT have time to schedule daily lessons.

  • You do NOT have a strong desire to succeed.

  • You are NOT open minded and eager to try new methods.

This project is limited to a select number of people because I really want to do an amazing job of helping people get as fluent as possible in the month of November.

If you don't have a strong drive to succeed, don't have the time for the program, or don't have an open mind ... PLEASE don't sign up for this.


You won't get any benefit from it ... and you'll be taking a spot away from someone I actually can help.

This Is Perfect For You If:

  • You have a strong drive to succeed.

  • You currently are level B1 and above.

  • You're eager to try new things.

  • You have an open mind.

  • You are coachable.

Here Are Some Of The Exclusive Technologies I Will be Using.

The "30-Day Speaking" Sequence.

Better use your time to  speak every day for the next 30 days.  Enjoy the accelerated results of my “Virtual Neuro Immersion Process” to increase your fluency quickly.

The Exclusive Vocabulary Recall Method.

Use this mythod to recall your new vocabulary almost effortlessly.  You will learn the method that literally tens of thousands of clients in 79 countries have used to succeed in vocabulary recall.

The Exact Method To Sound Like A Native Faster Than You Thought Possible.

You will see these results almost immediately.  You will learn a fool proof method to sound like  a native quickly.  It is so simple you can learn it in a few minutes and use it whenever and wherever you are, any time, any place.

The Exact Method To Better Manage Your Time

Use the power of my “Optimum Trajectory Life Mapping System” to gain a positive control over your time and achieve the results you are looking for.

The "Observer" Sequence 

You will learn how to use a little talked about tool that will accelerate your learning process.  It will amaze you.

The Exact Core And Key Activities You Need To Succeed.


You will learn the exact activities you should be doing daily to ensure that you succeed in speaking fluently.



Here's Some Of What You Get When You Work With Me.


Neuroscience Of Language Learing  


Hypnosis for Language Learning  


Neuro Linguistic Programming for Language Learning  


Time Compression  


Habit Stacking  


Accelerated Learning Techniques  


Physics (algorithms to make sure the mathematical concept is sound)  


Psychology of Learning  


and some technologies I developed myself:


NeuroCognitive Language Coaching TM


My Nanosecond Theory TM  


Single Language Theory TM   


Neuro-physio Language Method TM   


Neuro-Transitional Link Methodology TM   


Whole Mind Imaging Approach TM   


Virtual Neuro Immersion Process TM   

BURST TM  Build Understanding with Rapid Study Techniques  BURST Learning Method TM


SIMM TM Spaced Interval Mastery Method TM 


NEVRM TM is an acronym for NeuroCognitive Enhanced Vocabulary Recall MapTM


I.M.P.R.O.V.E.TM - Imitation and Mirroring for Performance Refinement and Optimized Vocal Expression advanced level working with tonal markers TM


M.I.M.I.C. TM - Mirroring and Imitation Methods for Improved Communication T.V. series TM


A.C.T.I.V.E.TM - Authentic Communication Through Immersive, Vivid Experiences TM


NTLCF TM  NeuroCognitive Transformative Language Coaching Framework TM 

ILATMTM   Integrated Learning Activities Time Map TM 


I-SARLLTM  Innovative-Scientific Approach to Integrated Rapid Language Learning TM



Total Value: $79,958 +



If you were to pay someone to teach you English you might pay as much as $65,590.  If you were to hire a tutor and attend academies, or colleges, and or schools to teach you English over a period of several years you would spend all that money and still not be able to speak English at a competent level.  



The Savings ...


With me and my methods you save time and money while at the same time you will achieve your goal and finally, once and for all be able to speak English fluently quickly.  And more importantly you will have mastered the skills you need to help you in any area of your life to succeed and accelerate your growth quickly.  


Why Would I Do That?

  • The idea is to demonstrate to you the value of my method by helping you use it to get very fast results.


  • My hope is to get so many people speaking fluently quickly, prove to you that is can work for you, if you do the work then you'll want to keep coaching with me.

  • It's the ole prove I can help you by actually helping you before you even give me any money.  Very simple concept really.

What Do You Gain By Working With Me?:

  • You will finally once and for all be able to achieve your goal of speaking English confidently, and fluently.


  • You will finally get that promotion, or that new job with a higher salary, or be able to relocate to the country of your choice.

  • You will get valuable life skills that can not only help you to learn anything faster, also help you in every area of your life, your personal life, your business life, in your family life, there is not one area of you life that you cannot improve my mastering the skills and the formula provided for you in this program.



Day 1 is all about speaking.  Today you will begin speaking 2 hours a day, every day for the next 5 days.  You will use my exclusive Optimum Trajectory Daily scheduler to plan your day.

It is important for you to speak 2 hours a day, you might be thinking you don't have 2 hours to speak.  That's OK, you're about to learn how to find the time.

Click on the image to view and to download the worksheet.

This image is the example daily planner sheet.

Click on the image to view and to download the worksheet.

This image is the actual daily planner sheet you will fill out.

Day 2 is very specific practice on the 44 sounds of English.  This is beyond accent reduction, as a matter of fact this one step will eliminate the need for an "accent reduction coach."  You will begin to see why I believe "accent reduction" is a myth, and how you can speak much clearer when you begin to master the 44 sounds of American English.

Click on the image to view and to download the worksheet.

This image is the basic Phonetic Alphabet which will guide you in how to pronounce the basic 44 sounds of American English.

Click on the video here to view Amy Walker's American Accent 5 part video series on how to properly pronounce words using the American pronunciation.

This video series is a free resource for you that is easily found online, and is in no way associated with me or my companies.  I do not make money when you watch or used these videos. 

Day 3, today you will find a role model.  A role model is someone you admire, look up to, or want to be like.

You will learn why this is important and how you can begin to apply this method to add to your daily activities.

Click on the image to download the file.  This is the worksheet to guide you and how to select the right role model for you, and how to do this activity.

Here is an interesting video for you to watch from one of the founders of NLP as he explains about the 5 steps to modeling.  

You do not need to go into this much detail for you to model your role model.  The information is a great resource for you.

Day 4, you will begin to speak with purpose.  This is one of the biggest road blocks for most people trying to speak a foreign language.  

Speaking a new language is not just about moving your lips and producing a sound.  It is about producing easily recognizable sounds that are familiar to native speakers.

Day 5, today you will learn the techniques you need to sound  like a native in less time than you could ever imagine.  You might think it will take you many years.  Today you will learn how you can do this in as little as 1 or 2 minutes.  

Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot.  You are absolutely right.  


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