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New From Chip Bridgmon

"New Book Reveals How To Achieve Fluency In Any Languages Fast..." 

From The Desk Of Chip Bridgmon

San Fernando Pampanga, PH. 

If you’d like to become fluent in English or any other language and be able to speak confidently quickly… regardless of the language, this is the most important book you’ll read today.


You'll discover why in a minute.

Before That... A Disclaimer:


The guys in the expensive suits demand that I start with a disclaimer. Please understand the results I'm sharing with you might not be your results. I’m not implying you’ll get the same results (or do anything for that matter).


I have had the benefit of language coaching for 16 years, and have established a successful track record as a result.


According to statistics, the average person who buys any “how to” information gets very little to absolutely no results. I’m gonna be using these references for example purposes only. 


How well you learn a new language can depend on different things, such as your background, experience, and how hard you work at it.


Learning a language takes work as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS PROGRAM. 


With that said … let’s jump right in feet first… 


This is dramatically different from anything you've ever read because it's more of a "field guide" to fluency in any language than a traditional "book".


 The reason it's so good is that it doesn't beat around the bush. It goes straight to the point, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why it matters. No extra stuff.  


Plus, it's super easy to read.  


At just 105 pages, you can read it in an afternoon.    


And you'll immediately "get" the entire methodology I personally used successfully to coach clients to fluency creating some incredibly  successful fluent language speakers for the last 16 years. 


Here's just a taste of what's inside and what it might mean for your language learning journey:


BEST NEWS EVER: You're about to learn some of the most cutting edge tools that are based in science and proven in the trenches.  Tools that you’re not going to learn anywhere else.


Because I created these tools myself based on over 2 decades of successful business and life coaching career.

Other language coaches and teachers are making devastating mistakes that will drive your results right into the GROUND.

 With my scientifically based and proven methods all you have to do is basically “show up,” and  “Do the work,” and you’re gonna be in a position to dominate your language studies, stay motivated and crush your language speaking goals FAST. (See page 4)

You’re gonna learn the breakthrough tactic for vocabulary recall with my exclusive NEVERM© (is an acronym for NeuroCognitive Enhanced Vocabulary Recall Map©.)  


It Is So Simple You’ll Think You Are CHEATING.

Very few teachers and coaches even do anything close to this, and some get close, but get little to no results. 


I added the scientific twist to the tool and dramatic results follow.  Over 300 times easier, faster, and better results  than the "normal" methods everyone else does.You'll see exactly what I am talking about on page 41.


The simple secret that allows my clients to learn faster than they have ever done before - and how you can get the same results for your own personal language journey success story. (See page 32.)


PLUG YOUR EARS! Unfortunately you're being spoon fed terrible mis-information by these "come lately" language teachers and coaches and their Shiny Objects.

There are only three proven core activities you need to focus on, and they work together in perfect synergy with the five key activities when applied with the right methods.

On page twenty nine, you'll find the
exact mathematical algorithm for success in learning language with my method that drives this entire system. You'll finally begin to understand how you too can apply it to your language learning today.

Implement this and you might completely dominate your language fluency goals ...catapulting yourself, your new language skills, to the front of the promotion line and outshining your competition while they're left scratching their heads in wonderment.

The two things you can do IMMEDIATELY to increase your fluency, confidence, and memory without wasting a lot of time in boring classes and doing endless writing and grammar drills  and without spending hundreds more on useless classes and books.

My "same-day" approach works like crazy and does NOT involve time wasters, reading mind numbing books, boring grammar drills, or any of the usual "Language Learning Time Traps" tricks you've no doubt heard over and over again. 

STEAL THIS: There's an amazing overlooked formula in physics that will help you develop strategies for effective communication that makes people pay attention, respect, and listen to you as you confidently speak and demonstrate your new found skills. (See page 62)

Beginning on page 57, I walk you through a present-day case study and reveal exactly how one student turned failure into success by following the program exactly as it is laid out. You will see first hand why it works, and the exact steps you can take to have the same "fluency success" in your target language.

This one tip alone can literally alter the course of your language learning ...transforming you into a confident and fluent speaker that people crave to be associated with.

Think that more grammar learning is the first step to better speaking?


Think again! Discover the single biggest factor in increasing your fluency; like having an Ace up your sleeve ...even if you study from home. (See page 92.)

Everybody Knows

You're supposed to learn more grammar to speak more fluently, right?



None of my clients are learning grammar from a book in their beginner and intermediate levels, and they haven't used a grammar book for years... and they are speaking their target language (English) faster than ever!  See they are doing differently - and how you can use the same method - on page 30.

Plus You'll Also Discover …

How to reduce your native accent with proper pronunciation and sound more natural than your peers ...This is this two-step process that's built to work even if you've been learning for years with little to no results to show for all your effort.

The easiest way to create success in your speaking.

Forget the hype and the typical "hoo-ra" you might be used to (and most likely tired of). This simple approach works like a charm - and it doesn't even take up much time to learn it. (See page 30)

Also 8 "super duper top secretie-secret black squirrel steps" Just kidding, there is no secret to it, it is just the best 8 steps to mastery that get you to master anything quickly, efficiently and easily, so you can be at your best … FAST!

You will learn what to say when you speak, to position yourself as a confident and fluent speaker. 

But that's not all…


You'll also uncover what it takes to succeed...

How To Conquer Your Fears And Succeed!

You'll discover a very effective method that can turn your fears into a source of major motivation.

But it's just the tip of the iceberg because you're also getting …


An Advanced System For Fluency

Exclusive Technologies You

Cannot Get Anywhere Else

The Confidence To Speak

Anywhere Anytime


As much as people like to complicate the process of learning a language online, it's actually pretty simple, once you get outside the box…

Here it is: 

Step 1: Listen to native speakers daily. 


Step 2: Speak to native speakers every day. 


Everybody knows the first step is easy.

Listening is easy, right?  But where do you find native speakers no matter what country you live in? 

You can even do this in your sleep if you wanted to.

But how do you learn a language in 90 days? How can you be speaking confidently, and fluently in 90 days.  

I’ve Got A Proven System For It

And in addition to this book, you're also getting a complete 90-minute walkthrough of exactly how the system works ...and how you can start implementing it immediately.

It's not a new techie gizmo thingie. 

It's not a new handy dandy app or software.


Here's What To Do Next


The "cost" of this book is $5.67, and you get it instantly as a PDF download.

 Why $5.67?   

 Well, I used to just send out the book for free but I found that people do not appreciate what they get for free. 


I found that people were more likely to follow through on the steps in the book if they have to pay for it.   

 I have met some clients over the years that want to get the cheapest price for coaching with me, and once they enroll in the coaching program they don’t do anything with it.  

They got the same awesome training that costs others thousands, and the people that paid the premium price definitely took action and got the results.  The people that got it for free... DID NOTHING WITH IT!

 I made this an ebook because I figured you'd prefer to get the book immediately, rather than having to wait a couple of weeks.

 As soon as you place your order today, you'll be sent an email receipt with the download link where you can get it.

 From there you can download the book and read it immediately.

 You can access your book anywhere, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you!

Oh, and in case you're wondering ...



I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "program" you have to try ...or anything even remotely like that. 

 I'm giving you this entire book below my cost, as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value.

You have at your fingertips actionable steps that you can take immediately to start seeing results almost immediately. 

You get the ebook plus the walkthrough video.

My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.

 With that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:


Time Is Of The Essence


Here's why.


I take a loss by selling you this book at this price.

The reason why is because it costs me over $53.04 in advertising costs just to sell one book.  

So why would I do that? 


I want to create a great impression on you so that one day you might do business with me again

You might be thinking yourself, "If Chip over delivers on a $5.67 product bundle, this is the kind of guy I want to do business with."

I believe customer service starts long before you buy from me.  It begins before you even meet me.  I want to exceed your expectations even before we meet.

 Yes, I have other products and services that you might be interested in.

 I’m confident that you’ll enjoy the book so much, you’ll ask to try other trainings and services I offer. Pretty straight forward really.

 Oh - one more thing.

You're also getting a brand new video training on... 

How To Speak Like Native NOW!

Let’s be honest… Everyone wants to speak like a native.  It is the dream of almost all speakers of foreign languages.  It is one of the scariest topics for other English teachers and coaches because they do not know how to achieve this goal.

Many of these language teachers and coaches will claim it could take years to sound like a native.  And they’re the only one that can get you to achieve that goal.


I deal with this every day.

Every day clients come to me asking me if I can help them to finally reach their goal? 

They tell me stories of the other programs they have bought, lessons they have attended, and classes both online and offline that have not helped.

Week after week, month after month, turning into years, and still paying for classes and struggling to have a conversation with colleagues, or struggling to maintain a simple conversation with a native speaker.

I can see the desperation in their eyes, I can feel the heavy weight in their heart, as they tell me they just want a better life for their family, and the only thing standing in their way is the fact that they cannot speak English well enough to get that job.


How can I get the results when others cannot? 

That is a great question, and a fair question.  I can because I am a master coach.  Not a “pretend master coach” I am the guy “master coaches” call when they need help from a true master coach.  

When they have tried everything, and everybody else and all else has failed, that is when they call me. They call me because I get the results.  And they know it.

I am the only coach that I am aware of that has his program framework based 100% in science, backed by a working mathematical algorithm, and further backed by tens of thousands of clients in 79 countries.

I am the very first NeuroCognitive Language Coach© I started this field in 2006.  I am the coach that realized the current way people learn languages is not working. I did the research and figured out why, and then I did something about it.


I did the work, put together the framework based on science, and have proven that it works with tens of thousands around the world.  I give actionable intelligence, step by step plan within a solid framework that anyone can use regardless of age.

I am not one of those coaches that just asks interesting questions in the hopes that you will feel good about our time together and continue showing up regardless of your results.


I am not one of those coaches

I am a coach that gets things done and will get you to your goal.  You may not be playing football trying to get to the World Cup, but you are playing the game called life, and your goal is to learn English (or any other language) so that you can get to your “World Cup” you want a better job so your family can have a better life.



To me that is more important than the 

World Cup




The book is great and you'll get a lot from it. 


But I'm the kinda guy that likes to go big or go home, and if you're like me, you feel the same. 

That's why I’m giving you this bonus video today. It's my little way of ensuring that you can start implementing everything you will learn in One Book Fluency Method... right away.

So yes...


You Really Are Getting This Book And

The “How to Speak Like A Native Now” Training For Just $5.67...


However, if people do not see the value and decide to pass up on this offer I will raise the price back to the normal price of $295 for this bundle… so it might be a good idea for you to claim your copy now.

If I pull this offer down, that will be the end of this great deal.

Just so you are clear about this, your are getting the One Book Fluency Method e-Book....


You get the Walkthrough Video.  (90 minutes)

AND the Speak Like A Native Now video training.  (90 minutes)


A couple things I can tell you about people is 


They do not value anything if it is free…. And they put a higher value on something when it costs a lot.

I will make much more money up front when I raise the price for this package book and videos because more people will see that value based on the information and the price.



It’s not just about the money for me.  It’s about helping people just like you across the finish line.

And by the way, even though you're paying a ridiculously low price - you're still protected by …


The Boldest Guarantee In The World


I 100% Guarantee you'll love this book and the new video trainings or I'll return your $5.67 let you keep the book and the video trainings anyway.  


Just email me and I'll give you back your $5.67 with no questions asked


How's that for fair?



This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy

Now Before They're All Gone

Send Me The Book

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Chip Bridgmon


P.S. In case you're like me, one of those people who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the scoop:


I'm giving you a 105 page book that outlines the exact steps you need to Speak Fluently, The 90 minute video: Speak Like A Native Now the same methods I have used to create wildly successful English speaker clients. AND the Video Walkthrough of the book along with the Walkthrough Guide. 

All you pay is a measly $5.67 


(That's less than the price it would cost if I were to print up a physical copy, stuff it in a padded envelope and then mail it out to you.) 


 ***** I'm also giving you two video trainings.  One 90 minute video which will walk you through the steps in the ebook and a second 90 minute video showing you How To Speak Like A Native that has worked for clients just like you all around the world for over 16 years.


This bonus videos not only shows you what the steps are gives you examples on how to apply them ...starting right now. 


I'm giving these to you as a gift because I want you to implement what you learn in the book immediately.


This is a very limited offer because It costs me more to sell the book this way.  If I do not see that people are running to this offer I will; end it and put it at the normal price of $295.


 There is no "catch" to this offer.


You will not be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

In fact, if you don't like the book let me know and I'll even give you back your $5.67

Click here and claim your copy now.  You'll be glad you did.

DISCLAIMER: The fluency levels stated above are my personal experiences and the experiences of my previous clients. Please understand these results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing 16 years, and have established a specific set of habits and skills as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All education and learning programs entails risk as well as massive, consistent effort, and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

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